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Company number: BTW BE 0597 922 549

By accessing and using this website, you expressly agree to the following terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions Intellectual property

The contents of this website, including brands, logos, drawings, data, product and company names, texts, images and suchlike are protected by intellectual rights and belong to © NV or rightful claimant third parties.

Declaration: Your privacy and rights will be guaranteed, in order to enable the purchasing of our products in full confidence. ©, is certified by the “E-Marketing Association” with a seal of approval, that proves your purchases will be handled with the utmost care and in strictest confidence.
Underlined conditions handle the contractual conditions between, on the one hand ©, with her registered office: 8800 Roeselare, Juffrouw Lamotestraat 31, VAT nr: BE597 922 549, with related main activity, the tender and sale of (not restrictive) books, dvd’s, gift, voucher certificates and more, in general appellation: articles in outdoor and mountain related subjects, this for educational and leisure purposes, and on the other hand the consumer (hereafter mentioned), adults, with a fixed address in Belgium, whom for NON occupational purposes purchase the articles and services of ©.

Terms and conditions Art. 1 CONDITIONS

Products displayed by ©, are displayed in good faith, and as complete as possible. Offers and prices are valid on the day that they are portrayed on the website. All indicated prices are VAT inclusive and contingent “Recupel” (recycling). © cannot be held accountable for any printing errors, that may be found on her website. © offers its product in her newsletters, catalogues and folders, until her stock is exhausted. © will do its utmost, to make sure that stock is sufficient for every order placed. It can, however, come to pass, that articles are out of stock, and cannot be delivered within the mentioned 5-day period. In that case, we are confided to the timing and good operations of our purveyors and suppliers for the articles ordered. In case order mentioned delivery dates or delivery times are to be seriously postponed, the news of new delivery dates or times will then be conveyed by © personnel. By using the © website, the consumer automatically and unconditionally agrees with underlined portrayed conditions. As a consequence, every order placed includes the unconditional acceptance of the portrayed conditions. © cannot be held accountable for damages because of orders that don’t get delivered on time, and asks her customers to know, that © is dependent on her purveyors and suppliers for all necessary stock.

Terms and conditions Art. 2 AGREEMENT

There is question of an agreement between the consumer and ©, when © receives confirmation of the order(s) made on her website, by post or e-mail, portraying a signed and correct order. However, © can decide to subject the validity of the order to furhter details. In case of, (for example) expensive orders, big orders, orders made by customers under the age of 18 (co-signed by the minor’s parents or custodian/guardian), prepayments, or when previous outstanding invoices are due to balance. Compliant with the law on Commercial Practices, loss and damages fall to the vendor or his shipping society (B-post, taxi post, Kiala or other conveyors). However, this has to be reported within 3 days after receiving notification of shipping, in any shape or state the shipment was delivered. Digital pictures, or delivery invoices may always be callable for returns to ©. © reserves the right, to decline its customer’s request, if it does not reach us within the proposed term. All reports of possible damaged goods or other potential problems with delivery are to be reported on the following e-mail address:


The consumer has the right to communicate his right to revocation of his order, without feign or mention of reason within 14 days after the delivery of the goods. Resp. the conclusion of the service agreement, by means of return of the delivered goods. However, the goods, in this case cannot have been shipped or the related shipping costs will be charged nevertheless. If the order was prepaid through the website, © shall, as foreseen and indicated by the law of 14 July 1991, repay your order, and this, as soon as the shipped articles are returned to ©. The customer will then be reimbursed for the made shipping, and goods costs, which will be deducted from the amount to be returned including VAT. The reimbursement will then be done within 14 working days, after the verification of the returned goods, as to the state within which the goods were returned, on the customer’s account of choice. In case the order received, does not include the article(s) that were ordered, or in case goods were damaged in any form whatsoever, (not the packaging but its content) then, mentioned beforehand, they are to be returned within 14 calendar days following delivery, including shipping documents or digital proof. In case of prepayment through our website, the funds will then be repaid to the customer including shipping costs, after the verification of the returned goods, as to the state within which the goods were returned. Pre mentioned beforehand to our services, and with necessary documents on the following e-mail address: , © reserves the right, to decline your request for reimbursement of returned goods, in case purposely damaged or significantly damaged content of the article itself, by the customer. CDs, CD-ROMs and DVDs are never returned nor are they ever reimbursed. Other non-book/guide, map or TOPO related materials on sale by © or its partners, can, provided consultation with the owners of ©, be exchanged, providing adequate reason.

Terms and conditions Art. 4 DELIVERY

The delivery address will be the one that the customer mentioned on the order at the time of purchasing on our website Lmtd. ©. A potential different address, can be given in the window “DELIVERY ADDRESS details” upon checkout, and this, to insure a smooth delivery. However, Lmtd. © cannot be held accountable for potential theft of the delivery by (B-post, taxi-post, Kiala or other coli vendors), if the delivery was dropped at the door, outside, in the rain, or other not aforementioned places, without previously made agreements thereof. Lmtd. © can, providing serious omission by the shipping company, reimburse your order, or exchange it. This for commercial reasons, to potentially deliver the goods initially ordered by our customer. Goods stocked, barring unforeseen situations, will be shipped within 2 calendar days. If an article cannot be shipped within these 5 working days, for any reason what so ever, the customer will be notified. ©, however, cannot be held accountable for possible damages by third party members, for not on time deliveries. Lmtd. © reserves the right, to stop further delivery of its goods, if or when the customer is negligent of his/her obligations, or if he/she fraudulently attempts to manipulate the order in general in any way whatsoever, for example the obligations of payment, or moving addresses, so that Lmtd.© cannot be liable for damages in any way, form or amount possible.

Terms and conditions Art. 5 PRICES AND PAYMENTS

Invoices are payable within 14 days after the goods were sent, barring goods initially were not paid in full through the Lmtd. © website. Prices are all indicated in EURO’s. Discounts are always suggested up front, or through commercial actions, they are always deducted from the amount due excl. VAT, and can never, outside of possible voucher actions, be redeemed afterwards. Lmtd. © can always change price indications and prices, if these are due to objectively measurable conditions; (VAT, taxes, price increases by our suppliers or, for example “B-post or any other coli vendor, indexations…) In case of non-up front paid transactions, after which an invoice needs to be sent, then invoices are payable within 14 calendar days after it was issued. NON compliance of the conditions in this document, can always conclude an administrative cost of 12.50 euro’s on top of second or more expired or non-paid invoices. At the end of the term, one is in default without further notice. In the absence of payment, (payments not done through the Lmtd. © website itself), of an invoice on its due date, then all pending invoices, are immediately due and payable, Customer acknowledges expressively that a conventional/ out-of-court compensation is due, equal to 150.00 euro per invoice, together with all outstanding invoices with a minimum of 50 euro’s excluding VAT, and conventional interest of up to 12% on a yearly basis. The potential costs due to expired invoices and upright balances, in relation to amicable recovery via bailiff, are on a bases of article 5 within the law of 20 December 2002 on the amicable recovery of consumer debts, This, being a private or business related company. The consumer acknowledges expressively, that Lmtd. © will impute SIN the intervening payments received, that are or are not equated to the invoices amounts, on the oldest, imputes and open invoices. Lmtd. © will not accept orders from outside of Belgium, if orders were not digitally prepaid through credit card or any other payment method, beforehand, including shipping costs.

Terms and conditions Art. 6 RESPONSIBILITY AND LIMITATION of LIABILITY. Lmtd. © cannot ensure, that the company that hosts Lmtd. ©, will function uninterrupted or error-free. Lmtd. © gives no guarantees, as to the results that follow upon use of its © website, nor does it guarantee accuracy or reliability of the information obtained through its Lmtd. © website. Lmtd. © engages itself, to relevantly inform on specific questions of its customers., this only on an advisory basis, based on its extensive experience. This website is made available by Lmtd. © on a “as is” and “as available” basis. Lmtd. © does not give out statements, or guarantees, clear or implied, as to the functions of its website, the information, the content, the materials or products portrayed. The possible financial transactions through Lmtd. ©, are done as securely as possible through the SSL4 portal and partner financial transaction websites. Lmtd. © cannot be held accountable for any possible digital fault that have or can have an influence on any or all payments or financial transactions through these portals, outside of the Lmtd. © website. Lmtd. © rejects any or all guarantees to the extent to which it is permitted by law, clear or implied, included but not limited to implicit guarantees of merchantability of a particular purpose. Lmtd. © cannot be held accountable for any or possible damages arising through the use of its website, including, but not limited to direct or indirect use of the medium. Any or all forthcoming copyright subjects arising in or around the design of the Lmtd. © website, are protected by the related intellectual and copyright entity B.O.I.P described in Depot I 35 B.O.I.P. All of the indicated or written commercial activities portrayed on Lmtd. ©, like for example “Like it” or “give your opinion” (art14 and 15), are in any and all cases a personal review of the consumer, and can never in any case what so ever, give offense to conflict of interest by Lmtd. ©. Lmtd. © reserves the right, to delete any or all opinions, and will not tolerate, in any possible instance, that racist, hate or negative verbal opinions are mentioned on its website. Such opinions on any third party given subjects will conclusively lead to the expelling of the consumer from its medium. Lmtd. © vouchers that where purchased through the website that are to be sent by post will include the shipping costs. Vouchers can always be printed out after the checkout process. Only the related voucher number is valid upon exchanging of the vouchers on the website, until its max given date.

Terms and conditions Art. 7 FORCE MAJEURE Lmtd. © can never be held accountable for any force majeure related instances, or reasons beyond its control like; war, strike, lockout, fracture, theft, fire, logistical problems by its transport vendors or third party appointees, etc. which could lead to the possibility that Lmtd. © may or could not tend to its obligation however, Lmtd. © will always do everything in its power, possibly with or without delay, to perform its agreement with the customer, without being liable for damages in any case whatsoever. In case of proven serious shortcomings by Lmtd. © regarding its commitments, then a fee is payable by law, to the maximum amount of the concerning invoice including VAT. Lmtd. © cannot be held to account for any technical problem(s) that have an impact on the dissemination of information via its website. Lmtd. © reserves the right, to change the information on its website, or part of it, to interrupt the services temporarily or permanent, without prior notice or compensation of any kind. Lmtd. ©, can in no case, be held liable for any changes, interruptions or abandonment of its website to the consumer or third parties.

Terms and conditions Art. 8 LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES

The Lmtd. © website may contain links to other websites, independent suppliers or such. These links are only offered exclusively as a service to the consumer. Lmtd. © has no control over these linked websites, and is not responsible for their existence, nor for their content, including all information or materials that these websites may contain. Lmtd. © cannot be held to account for possible agreements, that arise through the use of these third party websites. The content of these third party websites is in no case intellectual property of Lmtd. ©. The consumer holds the complete right to do and let, anything he may want through these third party websites.


Belgian Law applies to all related or non-related subjects concerning trade in and around Lmtd. ©,as to for mounted or short-term actions. Trade Court(s) of the district Brugge or Kortrijk apply. Parties explicitly agree that the Dutch language is the language within which will be communicated. Every translation is valid only as indicative within which the Dutch version takes precedence in case of conflict. Lmtd. © reserves the right to change any or all conditions where necessary, the consumer may oppose within one month after the made changes. In that case, the old conditions stay valid between Lmtd. © and the consumer. The consumer is advised to visit the Lmtd. © website ( regularly, to always consult the latest applicable conditions. The invalidity of one or more parts of the present conditions, can in no case result in the invalidity of the entire agreement but only the invalidity of the endorsed part. The remaining provisions shall fully remain applicable without prejudice. In case of conflict concerning the agreement and conditions in and around this document, or any other non-provided situation, then Belgian law applies together with the judicial districts court(s) of Brugge or Kortrijk

Address: © BVBA in person G. Laga en H. Flamand
8800 ROESELARE (West-Vlaanderen)
HRG / Company number: BE597 922 549

Terms and conditions Art. 10 PRIVACY STATEMENT Lmtd. © respects your privacy legally, according to the law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of personal privacy. All personal information submitted on to our or our partner(s) website(s) are necessary for shipping and/or payment purposes for the articles ordered, and to follow-up on. This information can be sold or given to third parties, subject to resentment of the consumer and as a direct result of the clients resentment, he or she has to inform us on this matter. Lmtd. © can build a database for email addresses for newsletter occasions, and customer files for payment data. Lmtd. © can also send its customers subsequent mail by post, or e-mail to promote related commercial actions. If the consumer wishes to be informed of the latest actions or goods on the Lmtd. © website(s), then he or she needs to subscribe to the subsequent newsletter or member accounts and accept the website(s) agreements status. However, if the customer doesn’t want to receive promotion related post, then the customer is free to inform us of this choice with a written letter.

Terms and conditions Art. 11 PRIVACY Lmtd. © and your entrusted personal information Lmtd. © hereby formally states, that the personal information provided by the customer, will only be used for shipping or payment purposes. © can however submit this information, subject to resentment of the customer, and as a direct result of the clients resentment, he or she is always free to inform us on this matter with a written letter

Terms and conditions Art. 12 AGREEMENT LANGUAGE

The general functions of the Lmtd. © website are available in French, Dutch and English. A choice can be made by changing the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the websites FrontPage. The then chosen language will be used further for shipping and payment communication purposes.

Terms and conditions Art. 13 ACOUNT REMOVAL

By creating a personal members account/profile, or by purchasing an art. on the website of Bvba and therefore by giving/entering his personal information, the consumer expressly agrees to the terms and conditions on the impact of cancellation or of the removal of his/her account/profile. The cancellation process is simple and easy to implement, and will them be prompted by e-mail for permanent removal. Upon confirmation of the cancellation/removal, the consumer expressly agrees, that his personal data relating to name, address, email address, etc. can be used for further statistics construction, advertising campaigns, etc. The consumer has the right, to stop the further use of his/her personal data. It is there for the consumers him/herself, to report this by registering this in writing, by registered mail to the owners of Bvba © on the trade address indicated in the general terms and conditions. As with the use of Cookies on our website, which are expressively used to collect surfing habits etc.… will the consumer be given the possibility to select the option to click whether or not he agrees.

Terms and conditions Art. 14 THE “like it” PROCEDURE. Bvba © reserves the right, to remove some or all opinions, that the "Like it" procedure entails, and will not tolerate poor or bad verbal opinions that are cited or listed on its website through this procedure. The opinions given through the "Like it" procedure, are purely the opinion of the consumers, and never portray the opinion of Bvba ©. Bvba © opinions, can never lead to any conflict of interest that might arise from the use of the "Like it " procedure. The consumers explicitly agrees, that upon using the Bvba © website, the opinions given in the "Like it" procedure, speak of personal opinions and that the Bvba © statistics that arise from the use of this procedure, serve as for marketing and data-processing/collecting purposes.

Terms and conditions Art. 15 GIVE YOUR OPINION

The "give your opinion" portal on the Bvba © website, is intended for entertainment purposes only, upon which the only goal, serves as an informative topic, that every consumer can write. The "give your opinion" procedure, NEVER portrays the personal opinion of BIBLIOTREK Bvba or its owners and personnel.

Terms and conditions Art.16 WEBSITE CONTENT ©

All content of the BIBLIOTREK Bvba website and then specifically the unique descriptions that are located and portrayed on the art. pages and all other pages of all art. in our database, are unique, and belong , and are assigned to (BIBLIOTREK Bvba). Copying the content and descriptions for commercial purposes or the construction of own database related and competing websites, can and will be prosecuted. The unique content and descriptions on the portrayed art. Pages, are individually written, and are individually protected by B.O.I.P. (Benelux Office for Intellectual property). Any breach of this rule or property right will be fined, by means of a fine amounting to 75.000,00 euros for each proven violation.

Terms and conditions Art. 17 HET GEBRUIK VAN COOKIES

Tijdens een bezoek aan de site kunnen cookies op de harde schijf van uw computer geplaatst worden en dit enkel en alleen om de site beter af te stemmen op de behoeften van de terugkerende bezoeker. Deze mini bestandjes of cookies worden niet gebruikt om het surfgedrag van de bezoeker op andere websites na te gaan. Uw internetbrowser laat u toe dat u het gebruik van cookies verhindert, dat u een waarschuwing ontvangt wanneer een cookie geïnstalleerd wordt of dat u de cookies nadien van uw harde schijf verwijdert. Raadpleeg hiervoor de help-functie van uw internetbrowser.

Terms and conditions Art.18 De functie. Aangeven reis & vertrek datum.

Tijdens het afrekenen op de website van © - word de opgave gegeven ter aangifte van uw vertrekdatum, met name de datum waarop u vermoed te zullen vertrekken op reis e.a. Bibliotrek bied deze functie aan ter inzage in de eventuele prior behandeling van uw zending, om te proberen tegemoet te komen aan de wensen van de klant. Indien de datum effectief ook word ingevuld, is het de bedoeling dat het personeel van BIBLIOTREK zich inspant om uw zending op tijd in behandeling te nemen, opnieuw om te proberen tegemoet te komen aan de wensen van de klant. In geen geval kan dit als bindend worden aanschouwd. BIBLIOTREK Bvba ©  is in geen enkel geval verantwoordelijk voor het optijd leveren van de goederen door de één of andere leverancier, of diens tussenpersson, noch kan BIBLIOTREK BVBA ©  aansprakelijk worden gesteld voor enige schade die kan, of zou kunnen voortkomen van het niet op tijd leveren van de bestelde art. Daarentegen kan BIBLIOTREK Bvba © wel de goederen in versnelde wijze in behandeling nemen, en doet dat dan ook in samengang met de vermelde verzending datum aangegeven op de website tijdens de checkout. Aangegeven datums kunnen niet uit eigen hande worden aangepast, maar wel door een e-mail te versturen naar het gebruikelijke service adress van BIBLIOTREK, 



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