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I took my first solo trip around Europe when I was seventeen, and I've been travelling and writing professionally since I published my first travel guide - to Scandinavia - in 1988. Since then I've eaten a puffin in Iceland, got stuck up a mountain in the Lake District, crash-landed in Iran, fallen off a husky sled in Canada, and got stranded on a Mediterranean island. Not all of those things were my fault. You can read about my travelling life in my memoir, Takoradi to the Stars (via Huddersfield).

I wrote Rough Guide travel books for over thirty years, but now that I no longer have to copy down bus timetables for a living I don't really know what to do with myself. So I come up with ridiculous ideas for trips and then write about them, which is where my 9-city, 9-day, 9-country trip came from - that's covered in Not Cool: Europe by Train in a Heatwave.

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Reisgids Lake district NP England - Rough Guides
€ 16,95
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Rough Guides

Reisgids Lake district NP England - Rough Guides • 9780241256114

Door: Rough Guides – Gepubliceerd: 1 maart 2017
Auteur(s): Jules Brown

Reisgids Lake district NP England - Rough Guides Productomschrijving:  The Rough Guide to the Lake District is the best all-purpose guide to the English Lake District, beautifully illustrated with colour photos and full-colour maps. Comprehensive, lively reviews outline the finest places to stay and eat for every budget, all fully revised for this seventh edition by our Lakes expert. W…

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